Affordable Restaurant Walkie Talkies

8th Nov 2023

Affordable Restaurant Walkie Talkies is a leading provider of two way radios and walkie talkies for restaurants.  We work with leading manufacturers including Motorola, Kenwood, & Hytera to provide affordable communications for restaurants.  Restaurants deploy two way radios to increase table turns, enhance the customer experience, and for Teammates to effectively communicate.  Two way radios are a proven tool and are used by America's Leading Restaurant Chains from Quick Service to Fine Dining.  All restaurants benefit from having Team Communication.  

Lets take a look at the most popular models of two way radios in the Restaurant industry. 

Kenwood PKT-23.  This is the smallest business two way radio offered for restaurants.  This compact radio has 4 talk channels and a 14 hour battery.  

Motorola TLK 25.  The Motorola TLK 25 uses your existing WiFi network to provide features not found in traditional walkie talkies.  You can communicate one to one, one to a group, or one to your entire Team at the touch of a button.  The Motorola TLK 25 is Bluetooth capable, eliminating all wires.  

Hytera BD302i.  The Hytera BD302i is a digital radio which eliminates all background noise.  This radio works great in high noise environments and is excellent at blocking outside interference.