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Two Way Radios in Car Dealerships

Two Way Radios Set the Standard for Customer Excellence in Car Dealerships

Customer Expectations are at an all time high and Car Dealerships aren't exempt from this trend.  Customers expect immediate service, don't like to wait, and expect to be pampered.  Take steps to meet these expectations and Customers reward you with more business, good product reviews, and loyalty.  Miss the bar and you'll see sales suffer and negative online reviews.  Hiring more people helps but hurts the budget.  Two Way Radios are the most cost effective tool you can implement at your Dealership to improve customer service and employee productivity at the same time. Consider these uses for walkie talkies for your Dealership.

Service Department:  Provide every Technician a walkie talkie so your Service Advisers can get updates on specific vehicles without making the short trip over.  You'll see phone calls are answered more promptly and Service Technicians are more productive because there's less conversation over the walkie talkies than in person.  Essentially, you're eliminating water cooler talk.  What would your revenue look like if each Technician had 30 more minutes of productivity daily.  

Valet:  Customers want their cars and get quite impatient waiting on them.  Use two way radios to get vehicles pulled around to the customer counter faster while keeping better track of your Valet Guys.  Knowing where they are and what they're doing will result in cleaner inventory and happier customers.  

Sales Department:  Customers don't like the waiting game.  Use two way radios to keep Sales People and Sales Management in constant communication.  Close more deals and make Customers feel more taken care of using two way radios to facilitate negotiations.  

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