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Church Security Checklist

Church Security Checklist

1. Start a Security Ministry Team. Select a Leader who’s as committed to making your Congregation feel welcome as he is to making the facility more secure. Ideally your Security Ministry will have 10-15 rotating Members who are all active, long term members of the Church.

2. Create and Publish an Exit Plan. Think about the inside of a hotel door. There’s an outline of the property showing Emergency Exits and providing guidance for what to do in an emergency.  You should have these Maps located inside the bathrooms and in other gathering areas.  

3. Create and Implement a Security Plan. There are great resources to help you identify what steps to take in the event of an emergency. Incidents typically wrap up within minutes, your response will take a life of its own.

4. Lock Doors during services and limit access points. Your Fire Marshall requires an easy way out, not an easy way in.  Installing Panic Bars and Door Handles that always open from the inside quickly increases security.

5. Utilize a Uniformed Law Enforcement Professional on Site during Services and other activities. Active Law Enforcement Personnel are a deterrent for those seeking to do harm.

6. Use Walkie Talkies on Campus. Every user of a walkie talkie becomes a member of your Security Team simply because they can instantly communicate suspect behaviors. Parking, Children’s Ministry, AV, and Security Teams all benefit from using walkie talkies all the time, not just when an incident occurs. Walkie Talkies are a superior solution over cellular phones for security.

7. Involve God and your Congregation. Ask God’s provision for the safety of your Church Congregation. Seek the prayers of your Congregation for God’s Safety. Prayerfully consider a Love Offering for Security related equipment.

8. Get involved in the Church Security Community. There are many well-established Blogs offering free pertinent advice regarding church security. Several of our favorites include Sheepdog Church Security and Hedge Protection Ministries.

9. Install Access Control Locks and Security Cameras. Knowing who’s coming and going outside of Service hours keeps your facilities more secure and reduces the risk of theft.

10. Remember the focus of your Security Ministry is to enhance the activities of your Church while making the facility safer.