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Two Way Radios for Event Coordinators

Two Way Radios for Event Coordinators


Looking to pull off the event of the year- every weekend?  That's the job of an events and/or catering business.  Weddings, retirement parties, birthdays, and holidays are the warp and woof of your operation.  You organize, plan, execute, and deliver.  Two Way Radio Center is here to assist you facilitate the attention-to-detail necessary to make your next event perfect.  

We've been providing two way radios for event and catering companies across the United States and they have found that efficient communication the day of the event is absolutely essential.  Whether you need to communicate regarding food service, venue preparations, or security detail, two way radios are the perfect tool for making that party one to remember.

For analog solutions, we recommend the CLS1410 Motorola.  It is a small, discrete, yet sturdy two way radio with up to four channels.  If functions well with headsets (the HKLN4487 is the most discrete and comfortable) and will coordinate well with other radios if you have already been using analog radios.

For a digital solution, we recommend the DLR1020 Motorola.  These are clearer, have 2 channels, but allow the speaker to specify if they want to speak to one person or to a whole group listening on the channel.  This enables a director or events coordinator to have a 1-on-1 private conversation when the situation calls for it.  If you have already been using digital radios, we suggest this model for your team.