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Headsets for Two Way Radios

Headsets or Earpieces as they're sometimes called are an essential accessory for your two way radios.  Headsets are specific to the manufacturer and family of two way radios. can help you easily identify the proper connection for your walkie talkies.   All headsets sold on include a one year replacement warranty.  

Key Reasons to Use Two Way Radio Headsets Include:

  • Keeping Employee Conversations out of earshot of Customers.  
  • Discreetly Communicate during Events
  • Hygiene - Being Mindful of COVID assign each employee a headset to reduce chances of cross contamination. 

We Educate .... You Decide Why to Buy Headsets for Two Way Radios

What is the best headset for businesses?  C Ring Headsets are very popular where multiple users use the same headset.  C Ring Headsets are comfortable for multiple ear sizes, can be worn on either ear, and can be wiped down with alcohol pads between users. 

What is your most discreet Headset?  N-EAR Surveillance Earpieces are the most discreet headsets we offer. 

Do you sell headsets for all brands of two way radios?  99% of the time, we can get the headset you need for your existing walkie talkies.  Give one of our Associates a call at 855-770-7194 for assistance.