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Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) Number

Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) Number 

Maritime Mobile Service Identify (MMSI) Numbers are a unique 9 digit number assigned to ship stations, ship earth stations, coast stations, coast earth stations, and group calls.  MMSI numbers identify the vessel which can be critical in an emergency.  Only one MMSI number should be assigned per vessel or location and the MSSI number should be programmed into all Marine Radios in use.  MMSI Numbers are free for recreational boaters, government agencies, and tug boats.  To obtain an MMSI Number, visit and fill out the application.   

We Educate  .... You Decide if an Maritime Mobile Service Indentity (MMSI) is Right for You!

Who Needs an MMSI Number?  All Boaters, both Recreational and Commercial, are encouraged to register for an MMSI Number and to have a compatible marine radio on your boat.  MMSI numbers are a critical safety tool in the event of an emergency on the water.  

Is it easy to apply for an MMSI Number?  The application takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

Can apply for an MMSI Number on my behalf? charges $25.00 to obtain an MMSI Number for Customers.    

How does DSC (Digital Selective Calling) relate to MMSI Numbers?  DSC Compatible Radios transmit MMSI Numbers with more range and clarity than transmitting via voice.  

Can I use an MMSI Number anywhere in the World?  Yes, but there may be fees associated with registering an MMSI Number around the world.  

What is an AIS Number?  Automated Identification Systems alert other vessels and stations to your MMSI Number electronically.  

Do MMSI Numbers follow me from Vessel to Vessel?  No, the MMSI number is specific to the Marine Transceiver.  If you sell the boat, the new owner should update the MMSI number.  If you transfer your marine radio to a new vessel, you should update the information with the FCC to ensure your information is up to date should an emergency arise.  

For more information about MMSI Numbers, please visit the US Department of Homeland Security for the latest information about rules and regulations related to MMSI Numbers.   

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