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Two Way Radios in Retail Stores

Two Way Radios & Retail Stores

Two Way Radios are Essential for Successful Retail Operations

From Convenience Stores to Big Box Retail Stores, two way radios are as common as cash registers.  2 Way Radios are a proven tool used to improve customer service, help employees do their jobs, and as a security tool used to reduce store shrinkage.  Walkie Talkies are a time tested productivity tool and are heavily used because of the ease of implementation, the quick payback, and ease of use.  Your retail store can start benefiting from the use of two way radios tomorrow. offers a number of different two way radio solutions to retail stores.  We recommend specific two way radios based on the size of the retail store, not the feature set of the walkie talkies.  Retail stores are looking for two way radios that will cover the entire store and offer enough channels segregate teams as needed.  Grocery Stores might have a channel for Loss Prevention, Managers, All Call, and the Bakery whereas a Convenience Store has one common channel.  

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Key Uses for Two Way Radios in the Retail Environment Include:

Loss Prevention:  Employees wearing walkie talkies throughout the Store is reduced Shrinkage because Criminals know it is easier to get caught when Associates are wearing two way radios. 

Grocery Delivery Teams:  As Curb Side Pick Up has increased, the need to communicate in store with the Curbside Cashier is becoming more and more important.  Two Way Radio help facilitate order changes and reduce wait times for customers.  

Personnel Assignments:  Getting Associates where help is needed promptly is key to happy customers.  Customers don't like to wait in line, spills must be attended to and addressed immediately, and replenishing stock are all excellent uses of 2 way radios. 

Personnel Training:  Turnover is a fact in the retail environment.  Customers want immediate assistance looking for new items and New Associates don't know where to find it.  Using a walkie talkie, the customer can be taken care of promptly. 

Productivity:  The End Game is getting the customer taken care of promptly.  2 Way Radios shave seconds and even minutes off of transactions which creates loyalty.    

We Educate you Decide  ...  Which Two Way Radio is Right for my Retail Store?

Convenience Stores:  The Motorola DLR1020 or the Kenwood TK3230 are excellent walkie talkies for your environment.  They're small and offer plenty of wattage to cover the entire store and parking lot.  

Travel Centers:  Kenwood TK3230 and Motorola DTR410 are the two best 2 way radios for this environment.  These models provide plenty of power to cover the outer edges of your parking lot.

Retail Stores up to 25,000 Square Feet:  The Motorola CLS1110, Motorola DLR1020, or the Kenwood TK-3230 are all excellent choices.

Big Box Retail Stores:  Motorola DTR550 or Kenwood TK3400U16P UHF Two Way Radios will provide plenty of coverage for the entire store, garden centers, and outer edges of the parking lot.  

How many 2 way radios do we need for the retail store?  We find that retail stores end up with a walkie talkie for each Associate.  Consider, Walmart has over 24 two way radios in each of its stores.  

 Why do Retail Stores use Headsets with walkie talkies?  Earpieces are primarily worn to reduce the amount of noise created by chatter over the two way radios.  We recommend headsets always be worn in the retail environment.