Hytera Injunction Notification

15th Apr 2024

Notice To Public: By Order Of United States Court, Until Further Notice, Hytera Is Prohibited From Selling Any Products Containing Two-Way Radio Technology Anywhere In The World.

For more information about this injunction, please follow this link.   Hytera Injunction

Frequently Asked Questions about the Hytera Injunction

Can we place an order for Hytera products with twowayradiocenter.com so we're first in line when the injunction is lifted?  No, twowayradiocenter.com will not accept any orders for Hytera products while this injunction is in place.  

When do you expect the injunction to be lifted?  We are not participants in the litigation and have no idea when or if the injunction will be lifted.

What if we need our existing Hytera two way radios serviced?  We are not able to source any parts or accessories while the injunction is in place.  You may reach out to Hytera.US to see what they're able to do to assist.  

Will you start selling Hytera two way radios again?  We are under a court injunction to not sell Hytera products.  We have no plans other than honoring the injunction.  

Why is the injunction in place?  We are not Lawyers and aren't a party to the litigation.  Please refer to Hytera.us for more information.