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Two Way Radios in Restaurants

Restaurant Two Way Radios 


Two Way Radios are a proven power tool for restuarants regardless of format or size.  Walkie talkies are an efficency tool that improves the bottom line while providing a higher level of service to customers.  Two way radios offer some key benefits to your restaurant operation including:

Table Turns Inside & Reducing Wait Times Outside - Time is a commodity.  Two way radios help you reduce transaction times by serving your customers more effiicently.  With walkie talkies, you can serve 1-2 more customer per hour.

Exceed Customer Expectations - Getting Food Out Fresh, Hot, & Fast is the Goal.  Two way radios allow you to coordinate beteewn the kitchen, expediters, and wait staff to serve customers faster.  

Manage the operation more efficiently - Two Way Radios allow your Management Team the abilty to address issues immediatly.  Calling Food Runners, Correcting Mistakes, Managing the Liquor Closet, Making Change, and even addressing the alarm on the back door all happen more efficiently when you're wearing a walkie talkie.  

We know two way radios will work for you and we've got walkie talkies at different price points to meet your budget.  Walkie talkies will have an immediate positive impact on your restaurant and will pay for themselves in roughly 60 days.  

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Two Way Radios are simply a Power Tool that talks, enabling your Staff the opportunity to improve communication and increase the bottom line.  Give a call today to learn more about how restaurants use two way radios to step your operation up a notch.  

The most popular two way radio in the restaurant industry today is the Motorola CLS1110 two way radio used with aMotorola HKLN4604 headset.  The Motorola CLP1010e two way radio has also become very popular in the restaurant market.  Hytera has made things interesting with the Hytera TC-320 bundle becuase of its affordability and dependablity.