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Bluetooth & Two Way Radios

Bluetooth & Two Way Radios

18th May 2021

Bluetooth & Two Way Radios

When I think of bluetooth I immediately think of a world without wires. Bluetooth connectivity was an awesome creation. We see bluetooth being used with our cellular phones, speakers, appliances, and a host of other applications. Two way radio users looking for bluetooth to emiminate wired accessories need to be aware of the different bluetooth offerings and whether they're truely bluetooth.

Most manufacturers offer bluetooth accessories with voice capabilities for its Professional Tier two way radios but leave out their Commerical, Business, and Consumer Channels. You'll find the Motorola T800 is bluetooth capable consumer walkie talkie allowing it to connect to an App but it is not capable of transmitting or receiving voice. In fact, You'll find very few two way radios under $400 with bluetooth functionality for voice built in.

The primary reason manufacturers leave bluetooth out is because it complicates the product, adds to its cost, and Manufacturers tend to not replace models very often. Where bluetooth tends to be universal with consumer electronics, two way radio manufacturers prefer to make their bluetooth protocol proprietary to their brand. By doing so, Manufacturers are able to control quality but the trade off is Users prefer universal accessories. Hopefully as new two way radios come to the market, we'll see more models with bluetooth. In the meantime, consider using a Prymeblu Bluetooth Pod.

Pryme is a leading aftermarket supplier of headsets in the United States and manufactures a line of bluetooth pods for many of today's most popular two way radios. Pryme Bluetooth Pods connect to your walkie talkie using the accessory jack and can be paired with bluetooth headsets, remote speaker mics, or even your car stereo. You'll find the pairing process is quck and simple. The Pryme bluetooth pod has an integrated push to talk mic which you press to talk making it easy to use.

While Pryme Bluetooth Adapters can be connected to most any bluetooth accessories I recommend you use either a Pryme Bluetooth Speaker Mic or a high end bluetooth headset. When choosing a bluetooth headset, consider battery life, water resistance, and noise cancellation as you use your walkie talkie very differently than you use your cellular phone.

Pryme Bluetooth Pods are an excellent option if you're looking to add bluetooth capabilities to your existing two way radio. You'll find Pryme Blueooth Pods are well built, easy to use, and work great. is a leading provider of Pryme Bluetooth Pods and compatible bluetooth headsets. We can help you pick the correct bluetooth pod for your walkie talkie and pair it with our best selling audio accessories today. Give us a call at 855-770-7194 to learn more about Pryme Bluetooth Pods today!