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​Church Body Cameras

​Church Body Cameras

14th Apr 2021

Church Body Cameras

Body Cameras have become an important tool for Safety Professionals working to protect those under their purview. Providing evidentuary proof of situations as they occur reduce retoric and provide an unaltered viewpoint of a situation as it unfolds. Churches are turning to the use of Body Cameras as an extra level of protection for their Safety Teams against defamation and to provide opportunities to review incidents for training and eductaion. If Body Cameras aren't a part of your Church's Safety Plan we've got some suggestions for you.

Body Cameras can serve as a deterent to escalation. Most of you reading this will never have an active shooter on campus but are likely to have other disturbances take place. Body Cameras provide an unaltered accounting of a situation as it unfolds. Whether you're dealing with a Stanger on campus looking for attention or a NonCustodial Parent trying to take a child without permission, Body Cameras can quickly deescalate these situations. More importantly, Body Cameras show the professionalism of your Team under duress.

Body Camera footage doesn't lie. Understanding and growing when we've not handled something correctly is important. Having undisputable proof of an event more often vindicates the Safety Professional and is priceless if an incident ends up in Court. Having an uneditable video and a cooresponding log of who's viewed said video becomes valuable evidence.

Your Safety Team deserves the level of protection body cameras provide. We're asking Volunteers to be responsible for the Safety of our Congregations. We owe it to them to protect them in the event their actions are ever in question.

Motorola Solutions offers two excellent body cameras designed with Churches in mind. These Body Cameras are offered at an excellent price point and have the right accessories and VideoManagement Software needed to sucessfully launch a Body Camera Program for your Church. is a leading provider of Motorola Body Cameras and are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you. Give us a call at 855-770-7194 to learn more about Body Cameras and how they can help your Church.