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Midland MB400 Waterproof Two Way Radio

11th Apr 2019

Midland MB400 Water Proof 4 Watt 16 Channel UHF Two Way Radio with Emergency Button

Midland has announced the release of the MB400 Walkie Talkie.  The Midland MB400 is under $200.00 and comes with features competitors don't offer at similar price points.  Two key features that set the Midland MB400 two way radio apart from competitors are the Emergency Button and the IP67 Waterproof rating.  

An Emergency Button is the prominent Orange Button on the top of the MB400 two way radio.  When pressed, all other two way radios programmed to the same frequency and code will hear an audible alarm for 30 seconds.  The user who pressed the button may then speak into the MB400 for 30 seconds without having to hold down the Push to Talk Button.  

The IP67 Waterproof Rating means the Midland MB400 Series Two Way Radio can be submerged in water for a depth of 3 feet for a period of 30 minutes without damaging the walkie talkie.  

You'll find the Midland MB400 two way radio is well built with a diecast metal chassis for durability, has plenty of Talk Channels, and is both compact and lightweight.  The Midland MB400 is going to be an excellent two way radio for Schools, Churches, Synagogues, Car Washes, Landscapers, and You!

Give a call at 855-770-7194 to learn more about the Midland MB400 and be sure to ask about Special Money Saving Offers!