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Motorola DTR600 & DTR700 Updates

18th Sep 2019

Motorola announces updates to the Motorola DTR600 and DTR700 Series Two Way Radios.  

Motorola is offering a free firmware update to Motorola DTR600 and Motorola DTR700 Series Two Way Radio customers to enhance their walkie talkies.  Enhancements include:

Scan - Set your Motorola DTR600 or DTR700 Series Two Way Radios to Scan other public and private groups so long as the radios has the same Hop Set ID.

Group Caller ID - Radios will display the Caller ID and Group ID of the transmitting two way radio.  

Motorola has also released a stubby antenna for the Motorola DTR600 and DTR700 series two way radio.  The Motorola PMAF4025 is available for purchase on today.

To Download Motorola DTR Series Software please visit Motorola Solutions.  Please note, clicking in the link will initiate a product download to install Motorola DTR Series Software 7.01.  

To update your Motorola DTR600 and Motorola DTR700 to the newest Firmware, R01.01 launch this executable file.  

Updating your Motorola DTR600 or Motorola DTR700 to utilize these new features, you will need a Motorola DTR Series Programming Cable, the Motorola HKKN4027.