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​Two Way Radio Headsets & Cleanliness

25th Mar 2020

Two Way Radio Headset Cleaning Procedures

The Coronavirus is making all of us keenly aware of hygene and protecting ourselves from the germs we come into contact daily. Your two way radio headset is no different and should be cleaned before and after each shift, especially when you're sharing your two way radio headset with other users. suggests the following to clean and sanitize your walkie talkie headset.

Two way radio headsets aren't usually waterproof so they shouldn't be submerged or held under a stream of water. In fact, we would suggest you keep your headset away from water altogether. Headsets can be wiped down with an alcohol pad, a sanitary wipe, or cloth dipped in a sanitizing solution. Whichever of the above you select, you should let the solution air dry.

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