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Two Way Radio Recycling

10th Dec 2018

Two Way Radio Recycling

Have you found yourself cleaning out an old office or closet only to find old, broken two way radios that haven’t worked in years? Or maybe you’re just replacing your old and outdated fleet of radios with new, upgraded walkie talkies. So the big question is, what should you do with the old ones?

Rather than toss the old radios in the trash (or give them to your kids to play with and destroy), a more responsible way to dispose of them would be to recycle your two way radios. This solution would be what is best for your environment and your community.

Why should you recycle your two way radios? Let’s look at a few good reasons here:

Two way radios do contain some potentially hazardous materials, like mercury and lead. Two way radios, if not properly disposed of, can become harmful to the environment and to human health as the materials break down over time.

Walkie talkies can also contain precious metals that can be salvaged through recycling. Rather than let these materials sit in a landfill, it is our responsibility to properly recycle old walkie talkies to help provide a cleaner environment and reuse what materials we can.

Recycling also provides jobs in our communities and around the world, so while you are recycling your old two way radios you are also supporting local and global economies.

So now that you’ve decided to recycle your old walkie talkies, where should you go to do so?

Many electronics and office supplies stores have recycling programs where you can take your old two way radios and batteries to have them properly disposed. Staples and Best Buy are two big-name stores that offer free recycling programs. Simply take your old walkie talkies to the store and find the recycling bin which is usually found in the shopping cart area of the respective stores.

Another option would be to find out if your local Department of Health and Environmental Control has electronics and battery recycling programs. Many local waste and recycling centers have specific recycling bins for batteries and electronics, so you can dispose of your walkie talkies and support local jobs. You can also check your state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control website for electronics collection events in your area. offers a free recycling program.  You may send your used, unwanted 2 way radios to us for recycling. Ship to:

Recycling Program

3195 J Verne Smith Parkway

Greer, SC 29651

Motorola Solutions Take Back Program

Motorola Solutions has their own take-back program, in which you can return any Motorola brand two way radio and request collection of equipment through the online booking system. You can find this on the Motorola Solutions website under Corporate Responsibility, sub category Governance and Policies.  The process is easy but can only be used to recycle Motorola branded equipment.  

Be sure to follow your state’s laws and regulations for recycling your walkie talkies, batteries, and other electronics. These can be found on your state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control website.

Thank you for taking the time to read about recycling your old two way radios or walkie talkies. Let’s all do our part in keeping our community a cleaner and safer place to live!