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Two Way Radios - A Power Tool for Restaurants

Two Way Radios - A Power Tool for Restaurants

6th May 2021

Two Way Radios - A Power Tool for Restaurants

Two Way Radios are a proven resource for Restaurants of all sizes and formats. Two Way Radios help restaurantsserve customers faster and with less mistakes. Two way radios also cut labor costs, increase table turns, and improve efficiency. This article provides examples of how restaurants are using two way radios to benefit their businesses.

Chick-fil-A is arguably the most efficent fast food provider in the United States and have excelled during COVID. You'll find the average wait time is less than 4 minutes and they've pivoted from cleaning dining rooms to directing traffic and providing curbside pickup. They use walkie talkies to enhance the customer experience by quickly moving employees around, promptly responding to mistakes, maximizing the time between the order and delivering the food. It isn't uncommon to see Chick-fil-A employees actively working all four corners of the building and the parking lots. Two way radios help the teams at Chick-fil-A get food to hot, fresh, and fast.

Cracker Barrel is one of the largest sit down restaurant chains in the United States and uses walkie talkies to exceed customer expectations. You'll see Cracker Barrel associates walking the dining room floor managing table turns. Cracker Barrel understands that more table turns increases the bottom line. One way to increase table turns is to reduce the amount of time a table sits empty between customers. Cracker Barrel excels at making us feel welcome, providing a great meal quickly, and serving lots of people. Two way radios are instrumental in providing this level of service.

Local, independent restaurants work hard at creating a dining experience that keeps us coming back time and time again. They've also got to control food costs, manage labor costs, and stay razor focused on the bottom line. The local Restaurateur understands the need to maximize table turns without huring the dining experience. Two way radios help these important business owners turn tables, manage labor, and improve efficiency.

Two way radios are clearly a power tool for restaurants. In today's COVID environment walkie talkes are becoming even more important. As we interact with customers differently and find different ways to serve food, two way radios improve communciation resulting in a more efficient operation. If you've not considered two way radios for your restaurant, we'll let you test them for free. Give a call at 855-770-7194 to learn more about our trail programs to help your restuarant recover and thrive during this unique time. is a leading provider of two way radios for Restaurants in the United States with over 30 years experience. We understand the needs of restaurants and work to get you the best value for your needs without breaking the budget. Give us a call today to learn more about why we believe walkie talkies are a power tool for your business!