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Two Way Radios for Aquatics

29th Jan 2019

Waterfront Aquatics at Summer Camp

What summer camp would be complete without an aquatics program? Waterfront activities on a lake or river enhance any summer activities, whether they are day-only programs or fuller experiences with overnight stays included. While often the most sought-after program area of any summer camp experience, waterfront activities also have numerous safety issues.  Two-way radios become a godsend to the directors and staff on the waterfront.

A good summer camp aquatics program cannot only have a variety of activities, but often they are ALL taking place at the same time! Waterfront directors may utilize one end of the lake for waterskiing, as jet skis cruise the opposite end; all the while canoes and rowboats are being navigated around the shorelines. Don’t forget - even kids learning how to swim for the first time, close to shore and in shallow water, still require attentive scrutiny.

Any issue, be it incidental or serious, deserves the quickest and most proficient response. Two-way radios are the ideal way to multiply the efficiency of any size staff. Particularly on a lake or river setting, staff is spread out among the multiple activities. Having walkie talkies gives waterfront staff immediate communication which is compulsory in any emergency. Such technology also enhances timely access to medical personnel (often in other locations) who can relay opportune advice and instruction before they could ever arrive on scene.

The immediacy of two-way radios amplifies the efficiency of safety procedures during inclement weather. A waterfront director may have hundreds of campers in various activities, spread out all along a lake or up and down the riverfront when bad weather suddenly rolls in. Valuable time is saved when an ‘immediate’ call from administration goes out to ‘clear the water’! Still more time is saved as each activity area receives that call SIMULTANEOUSLY! No runners – no flares – no flags to be raised and noticed - EVERYONE gets the ‘clear the water’ notice at the same time and immediate evacuation begins!

Two-way radios save time – and time saved can sometimes be the determining factor between a good or a bad outcome!