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Two Way Radios & Grocery Stores

24th Mar 2020

Affordable Communications for Grocery Stores

We don't have to tell you about the strain the Coronavirus has put on Grocery Stores. Customers across America are Panic Buying product, taxing shelves, and creating hectic situations in the store. Communication among your Employees is essential during this hectic time but the overhead speaker system is ineffective. Two Way Radios are a cost effective and immediate communication solution for Grocery Stores.

Two way radios enable your Team to communicate instantly to dispatch Associates where the are needed at the moment. Whether you need to get Baggers to the Front of the Store, Stock Workers to a specific department, or even getting grocery carts back in the store, two way radios are an instant and easy solution. With walkie talkies, Management can instantly communicate with Associates, wherever they are in the store. Push the button and get things done! offers two License Free Business two way radios options for Grocery Stores that can be in service as early as tomorrow morning. Both models are in stock for immediate shipment and are easy to set up. Simply charge them and start talking. We recommend:

The Motorola DLR1020 is a 1 Watt License Free Business Two Way Radio with 2 Talk Channels. Each walkie talkie comes with everything needed for use including a Lithium Ion Battery, Belt Clip, and a 3 hour Charging Tray. Motorola DLR1020 series two way radios are also available in a convenient 6 pack and are protected by a 2 year replacement warranty.

The Midland LXT600BB is a 1 Watt License Free Business FRS Two Way Radio with 36 Talk Channels. The Midland LXT600BB comes in a two pack bundle which includes a Dual Port Charging Tray, Lithium Ion Batteries, Belt Clips, and Headsets. Midland LXT600BB are also available in a convenient 8 pack and are protected by a 3 Year Replacement Warranty. has been helping Grocery Stores implement two way radio systems for close to twenty years. We understand the needs of the grocery business and are here to help you implement two way radios in your store. Please give us a call at 855-770-7194 to learn more about how two way radios help Grocery Stores be more productive!  Volume discounts are available for large purchases.  You can save 10% on an order today using coupon code CHAT!

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