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Two Way Radios in Action - Education

26th Aug 2020

Two Way Radios in Action - Education

Two Way Radios have been a fixture in Schools for more than 30 years. School Administrators find walkie talkies to be an invaluable tool for communication throughout the school day. Administrative Issues, Safety Drills, and Maintenance Needs are commonly referenced as key uses for two way radios in the school environment.

One of our valuable School Partners shared a story with us this week about how two way radios enabled School Staff to administer immediate care to a Student with a diabetic issue. Here’s the backstory… This school has several students who require their blood sugar be monitored constantly. The School Nurse has an App on her phone alerting her anytime one of these students has a drop in blood sugar so she can get on top of the issue. This day, the Student was on the Soccer Field with his Class. His Teacher carries a walkie talkie, as does the Nurse.

Normally, the Nurse walks down the hall to the Child’s Classroom and cares for the child directly. The Nurse walks to the Classroom and find the Student is not there. She immediately contacts the Nurse via her walkie talkie and the Student is provided with immediate care. The Nurse saved valuable minutes getting this Child’s blood sugar back into an acceptable range. That’s a win for the student and for the use of walkie talkies.

Two way radios are more than a safety tool needed only in an emergency situation. Two Way Radios help Schools care for children, saving both footsteps and time. 20+ years of experience helping schools implement two way radios for the benefit of their student population. Give us a call at 855-770-7194 or Chat with us to learn more about the special programs we have to help schools.