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Two Way Radios used by Restaurants for To Go Service

18th Mar 2020

Walkie Talkies Help Restaurants Speed To Go Services!

I like to eat out and I'm depressed because the Feds shut down restaurants dine in services.  I don't know if this is going to last for the next week or month or two.  Call me selfish, but I have a regular route of favorite restaurants.  The Wait Staff know me, the Owners know what I like to eat, and I know they're going to take good care of me!  I'll miss my time with these guys.  

The good news is I can still get the food because they're allowed to continue serving food between delivery services and by offering meals To Go.  These restaurants have to recreate their businesses almost overnight to handle To Go Meals versus sit down meals.  I believe walkie talkies will help these restaurants excell at offering meals to go.  Here's how they help:

Speeding up Service

You no longer have the luxury of your guests enjoying a cocktail and each others time. Customers expect their food to be ready in the time quoted, they expect it to be hot, and they expect to finish the transaction in about 180 seconds. Use walkie talkies to communicate between Cashiers and Expeditors to get meals to the front of the house quickly. Whether the Customer is standing in front of you, at a drive up window, or in a line in the parking lot ... they want their food hot and fast.

Upselling isn't Dead!

Adding a basket of fries, a premade desert, or a gallon of Tea are all excellent upsells. Use two way radios to communicate between Cashiers and Order Builders to capture these additional sales without increasing service times.

Quicker Resolution of Errors

Let's face it, we're going to make mistakes. Use two way radios to communicate mistakes to the Kitchen Manager and get them resolved faster. Two way radios speed communication by over 1.5 minutes and minutes seem like blocks of time when a customer is waiting on a correction.

Saving Footsteps

Two Way Radios allow you to work more efficiently. Your workflow has changed. You're not going to be called to the Liquor Cage, but you may be needed in the Kitchen, in the Parking, Lot, and at the Cashier's Station at the same time. Two way radios enable you to better manage this new world you find yourself in. Our prayer is that you're able to embrace the change and thrive.

To see a list of walkie talkies that I know will help your Restaurant visit our two way radios for to go restaurants page.  

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