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30th Sep 2018

DECIBULLZ CUSTOM MOLDED EARPLUGS is pleased to offer our customers DECIBULLZ Custom Molded Earplugs alongside our Surveillance Two Way Radio Headsets creating the most comfortable surveillance headsets you'll ever wear.  DECIBULLZ earplugs are customized for your individual use, have an EPA Certified Noise Reduction Rating of 31 decibels, are super comfortable to wear, and are affordably priced.  DECIBULLZ custom molded ear plugs are compatible surveillance headsets available on and come in multiple colors to meet your personality and preferences.  DECIBULLZ Custom molded earplugs will work with Motorola, Kenwood, HYT, ICOM, Midland, and most other surveillance headsets.

DECIBULLZ custom molded earpieces are customized per user and are ready to use in less than 20 minutes.  Your purchase includes both left and right ear inserts so your surveillance headset can be worn on either ear.  DECIBULLZ uses a patented technology to offer custom molded earpieces affordably, reliably, and absolutely comfortable.  

Give us a call today at 855-770-7194 to learn more about how DECIBULLZ custom molded earplugs can be used in your business 

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