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​Walkie Talkie Apps for Churches... Are they a Good Idea?

29th Dec 2020

Walkie Talkie Apps for Churches... Are they a Good Idea?

Two Way Radios are an essential ministry tool for churches. Parking, Safety, AV, Children, and Guest Ministries all benefit using two way radios before, during, and after your weekly services. Additionally, Security & your Maintenance Teams benefit from using walkie talkies the remainder of the week. We assume if you're reading this article you understand these benefits and are trying to settle on a technology to use for your facilities. 

The intent of this article is to point you away from using walkie talkie apps on your cellular phone for your church.  Walkie talkie apps have their place in the market, just not with churches.  Here are a few considerations for you as you make your decision about using walkie talkie apps.  

Walkie Talkie apps are cumbersome and hard to manage. Many Churches have different volunteer teams for each service and almost all have changes weekly. Your Leadership simply doesn't have the time to make sure everyone's connected to the app for each service and/or week. Do you have at least 15 minutes to get everyone connected? Do you want someone talking to your group from home should a situation occur? Do you want phones ringing during a service? What do you do when someone forgets their phone?

Two way radio apps are not supposed to be free for use in a business environment. If you're using a walkie talkie app for free you shouldn't be. Plus, the free apps are cumbersome to use for larger groups because they don't want you using the free stuff. If you're paying per user per month, traditional two way radios are a much better long term investment.

Cellular Service often doesn't work everywhere in larger buildings. Cellular service also becomes splotchy when there's a sudden increase of users. Should an incident happen on your campus, two way radio apps will not perfrom to your expectactions.  WiFi has its own limitations and is easily disabled making it unreliable.  There's a reason both law enforcement and first responders aren't using cellular phones in their line of work. Traditional two way radio technology is much more reliable. is a leading provider of two way radios to churches in the United States. We've helped thousands of churches select affordable two way radios to enhance their ministries. We believe every church should use walkie talkies and we're committed to providing them at a price point attractive to all.  Give us a call at 855-770-7194 to learn more about how walkie talkies can benefit your Ministry.