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What's the Big Deal About Digital Two Way Radios

Posted by Candra Archbold on 7th Jun 2019

Digital Two Way Radios - What's Important to You!

Here at, we are constantly asked about Digital two way radios and whether it is worth the investment to upgrade to digital. This article will explore the key benefits of digital two way radios from your perspective and not just some sales pitch.  Digital two way radios are here to stay and you'll like the benefits.  Let's get started...

First, a digital two way radio is different from a traditional (analog) two way radio in how it transmits your voice.  Simply stated, a traditional two way radio simply "throws" your voice to other walkie talkies.  Digital two way radios convert your voice into digital packets and then broadcasts it to other two way radios.  Those radios in turn, convert those digital signals back into voice.  I've oversimplified things but that's the gist of what happens. 

So, what's in it for you...

Better Audio Quality with No Background Noise - Stand next to a firetruck and talk on a digital two way radio and you shouldn't hear the fire truck. 

Better Battery Life - Because broadcasting digital packets is less cumbersome, digital walkie talkies last 50% longer than the same two way radio broadcasting in analog mode.

One to One Communication - You can create contact lists and speak to individuals as well as having group communication.  

Backwards Compatible - Most Digital Two Way Radios can also operate in Analog mode so you don't have to replace your entire fleet at once.  

Better Team Coordination  - Ultimately, you can organize your Team more efficiently using digital two way radios. offers free system design as part of our service to Customers purchasing Digital two way radios.  Give us a call at 855-770-7194 or click the Chat Button down at the bottom right of your screen to learn more about Digital Two Way Radios can transform your communication!  You can also see our complete selection of digital two way radios from Motorola, Hytera, and Kenwood on our Digital Two Way Radio Page.