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Why the Buzz about Two Way Radios over Cellular

23rd Aug 2019

Two Way Radios over Cellular Networks - What's the Buzz

The two way radio industry has been undergoing a technology revolution over the past 5 to ten years.  Two way radios are getting smarter and are truly becoming power tools that talk.  Recently we've seen features like GPS, one to one calling and IP Site Connect become as common as the walkie talkie itself.  The newest technology offered for two way radio users is the ability to communicate long distances using 2.5 Gig Wifi Networks and Cellular Networks.  This is allowing users the opportunity  to create radio systems with the ability to talk across the Street or across the United States affordably.  This article will discuss some of the key benefits of using a POC device as they're commonly called.  

POC devices will work on 2.5 G WiFi or over a cellular network.  Most POC two way radios are built using the Android operating system and require a SIM card to access a cellular network.  Currently, manufacturers are only making proprietary devices so don't expect a Motorola POC device to work with a Hytera POC device.  Once activated, your POC device will work across the room or anywhere you have a WiFi or a cellular connection.  Imaging the possibilities.  

Key features of POC devices include:  GPS, One to One, Group, and All Call Functions.  GPS allows you to identify the location of Staff Members where ever the job takes them.  One to One allows you to talk to individuals, while Group Talk allows you to segregate your Staff into Teams.  All Call allows everyone to hear the message at the same time.  You'll also find most POC devices are blue tooth compatible and many allow for Third Party Android Based Applications to expand the capabilities of your device.   

POC two way radio devices do not require an FCC License for Use and are easy to implement.  Your existing WiFi infrastructure can be used and you can be connected to a cellular network in a matter of minutes.  You'll find the cost of implementation is minimal compared to a traditional two way radio system while the extended range offers is an exceptional benefit.  POC devices come with a monthly service fee when connected to a cellular system but those costs are minimal.  

We think POC Two Way Radios are an excellent option for today's two way radio customer.  Hotels, Logistics Companies, Hospital Systems. Investigators, and many other industries can benefit from these cool new walkie talkies. is a leading provider of POC two way radios.  Give us a call at 855-770-7194 to learn more about two way radios designed to work over cellular networks today!