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Anti-Microbial Two Way Radios

27th Mar 2020

Two Way Radios with Anti-Microbial Housings

Germs have met their match with select two way radios from Motorola. Motorola, the leading Manufacturer of two way radios for Healthcare, Restaurants, Retail, and other markets has been making two way radios with Anti-Microbial Housings for years. No, these walkie talkies aren't germ-proof, but they are designed to resist living organisms from growing on them.

It's important to know, the anti-microbial housing doesn't mean you shouldn't wipe down your radios with a sanitizing wipe before use and after each shift. In many environments, it is best practice to wash between each customer interaction. Anti-microbial housings do not eliminate germs, they just slow their growth so don't forget to wipe down those radios.

The following list of two way radios have been designed with Motorola's anti-microbial housings.

Motorola CLP Series UHF Business Two Way Radios

CLP1010 - Single Channel   CLP1040 - Four Channel   CLP1060 - Six Channel

Motorola CLS Series UHF Business Two Way Radios

CLS1110 - Single Channel   CLS1410 - Four Channel

Motorola DLR Series Digital Two Way Radios

DLR1020 - Two Channel    DLR1060 - Six Channels

Motorola DTR Series Digital Two Way Radios

DTR600 - 30 Channels      DTR700 - 50 Channels

Motorola RM Series UHF, VHF, & MURS Two Way Radios

RMM2050 - MURS - 5 Channels

RMU2040 - UHF - 4 Channels     RMU2080 - UHF - 8 Channels    RMU2080d -UHF - 8 Channels

RMV2080 - VHF - 8 Channels

Motorola Solutions has released the technical bulletin below on how to best clean your Motorola two way radio. 

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