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Motorola RM Accessories

Motorola RM Series Two Way Radio Accessories

Motorola RM Series accessories are designed to work with Motorola RM series two way radios.  These accessories are not compatible with other Motorola two way radios.  Motorola Audio accessories sold on this site are compatible with all Motorola two way radios on the site except the Motorola CLP series two way radios. 

  • Motorola 53866 earbud with lapel microphone

    Motorola 53866

    Motorola 53866 Earbud with Lapel Mic The Motorola 53866 Earbud with Lapel Mic is an affordable discreet headset for those not wanting their two way radio to be an obvious part of their uniform.  The Motorola 53866 has three cords:  one to the...

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  • Motorola 53863 Earpiece with Boom Mic-VOX capable

    Motorola 53863

    Motorola 53863 Earpiece with Boom Mic Motorola 53863 Earpiece with Boom Mic is designed to be used in high noise environments such as nightclubs, family fun centers, and bowling centers. The earbud fits comfortably in the ear and the directional boom mic...

  • Motorola 53815 Lightweight Headset w/Mic

    Motorola 53815

    The Motorola 53815 has been discontinued and there isn't a replacement available.     We like to call the Motorola 53815 the "Britney Spears" headset because she often wears a mic like this during her concerts.  The Motorola 53815 is worn...

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    Ear Insert for Motorola and Vertex Standard Surveillance Headsets

    S9500 Combo Pack

    S9500 Ear Inserts for Surveillance Style Headsets S9500 Ear Inserts work in conjunction with any of our surveillance style headsets for added comfort.  This combo pack includes three inserts of various sizes to ensure the inserts fit your ear...

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