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Motorola RM Accessories

Motorola RM Series Two Way Radio Accessories

Motorola RM Series accessories are designed to work with Motorola RM series two way radios.  These accessories are not compatible with other Motorola two way radios.  Motorola Audio accessories sold on this site are compatible with all Motorola two way radios on the site except the Motorola CLP series two way radios. 

  • Motorola HKKN4027 RM, RDX, & CLP Programming Cable

    Motorola HKKN4027

    Motorola HKKN4027 Two Way Radio Programming Cable The Motorola HKKN4027 is the USB/CPS Programming Cable for Motorola DLR, RM, RDX, & CLP Series Business Two Way Radios.  The Motorola HKKN4027 allows you to connect your Motorola CLS, DLR, RM,...

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    Motorola PMNN4434 RM Series High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery

    Motorola PMNN4434AR

    Motorola PMNN4434AR RM Series Replacement Battery The Motorola PMNN4434 RM Series Rechargeable High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery has a 2100 mAh capacity. The Motorola PMNN4434 RM Series lithium ion battery provides up to 12 hours of battery life...

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  • Motorola PMLN6394 RM Series Single Unit Charger

    Motorola PMLN6394

    Motorola PMLN6394 RM Series two way radio charger. The Motorola PMLN6394 is the standard charging tray included with Motorola RM series two way radios.  A convenient feature of the Motorola PMLN6394 single unit charger is the cloning capability...

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    Motorola PMLN6384 RM Series Six Two-Way Radio Gang Charger

    Motorola PMLN6384

    Motorola PMLN6384 RM Series six two way radio charger. The Motorola PMLN6384 RM Series six port charger makes managing your two way radio fleet easier than ever.  The Motorola PMLN6384 multi-charger is a central charging station that ensures all of...

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  • Motorola HKLN4510 RM Series Replacement Holster

    Motorola HKLN4510

    Motorola HKLN4510 RM Series replacement holster with swivel belt clip. The Motorola HKLN4510 holster with swivel belt clip lets you rotate a RM Series radio into a comfortable position. Now you can move freely as you get on and off a forklift, bend to...

  • Motorola RMN5114 Lightweight Temple Transducer

    Motorola RMN5114

    Motorola RMN5114 Lightweight Temple Tranducer Mic The Motorola RMN5114 is a Lightweight Temple Transducer Microphone. The RMN5114 uses bone conduction to transmit sound directly to the eardrum making it ideal in high noise environments and for some...

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    Motorola RLN6423 is our most popular headset.

    Motorola RLN6423

    Motorola RLN6423 is Motorola's most popular Headset! The Motorola RLN6423 was given a new part number by Motorola in 2016 due to changes in the cord design.  The new part number is the Motorola HKLN4604.  As there are no more Motorola RLN6423...

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    Motorola HKLN4477 Surveillance Style Earpiece

    Motorola HKLN4477

    Motorola HKLN4477 Surveillance Earpiece with Inline Push to Talk Mic Buy 6 or more HKLN4477 and save 5% on your entire order!  Use coupon code #44 in shopping cart.  The Motorola HKLN4477 has been replaced by the Motorola HKLN4601. Motorola...

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  • Motorola 56518 Earpiece with Boom Microphone - VOX capable

    Motorola 56518

    Motorola 56518 Headset with Boom Mic Motorola 56518 is designed for users in high noise environments or where you want to bring visibility to two way radios in your environment.  For instance, Old Navy and the Gap use headsets like the Motorola...

  • Motorola 56517 earpiece with inline mic

    Motorola 56517

    Motorola 56517 D Ring Earpiece The Motorola 56517 Earpiece with In-line Push to Talk is one of our most popular earpieces because of its usability and durability.  The Motorola 56517 headset is designed to be worn by multiple users and can easily be...